Caleta de Famara

Famara, Canary Islands is for sure one of the best surfing spots for beginners in Europe:

Famara – where is that?

Caleta de Famara is situated in the north-west of Lanzarote, Canary Islands. It is east from La Santa in a rambling bay. View at the bay from the bungalow area (Urbania de Famara):

Famara is divided into three parts:

  • the mentioned hillside bungalow area (Urbania de Famara),
  • the holiday appartment complex (La Caleta) in the middle left in the picture,
  • and the old main village (Caleta de Famara) middle right in the picture.

The line of cars in the middle of the picture is beacause of the surfers and visitors who parked there. You can see the bay of Famara on the map in the northern part of Lanzarote. It is located between La Santa and Punta Mujeres.

Lanzarote – where is that?

Lanzarote is the most north-east island of the seven great Canary Islands. Togehter they are one of 17 autonomical areas in Spain. Lanzarote is located arund 140 kilometer west from the moroccan boarder and around 1.000 kilometer away from spanish mainland. You can see  Lanzarote top right on the map (town Costa Teguise ist marked):

Canary Islands – where to hell are they?

The Canary Islands are located in front of Morocco, you can see them bottom left on the map:


By plane you get to Lanzarote in 4h from Germany. Take the bus, a taxi or a rental car from the airport to the 30 km far away and north located Famara. Get more information for your jouney to Famara.

Accomodations in Famara

Weather if surfhouse, appartement or bungalow – here your get an overwiev and booking links to accomodations in Famara.

Surfing in Famara

The beachbreak at the Playa de Famara is espacially best for beginners and intermediates. Depending on the wave strength, waves can break two to three times at the beach. So you can easily pic “your” wave to surf. Get more information about surfing in Famara.

Tipps for leisure time

Whether if local markets, sports or wellness there are plenty possibilities to shape your leisure time in Famara.


Not only the local market in Teguise (10 min. by car) on sundays is worth it to visit. For more events take a look at the event planner.


Famara Supermarket - Calle Chirimoya 13, 35558 Caleta de FamaraGrocery stores, surf shops, local craftmenship and marihuana – follow the link to get more information about shopping in Famara.


Plenty of restaurants and bars offer you a keen refreshment after a long and energy-taking surf day in Famara.

Climate & Weather

Very good weatter conditions to surf all-season. Temperatures are between 20-27° C in Famara.

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