Journey to Famara

You can travel from almost all german airports in 4h to 4.5h to Lanzarote. Arriving at Arecife airport you continue traveling by bus, taxi or rental car to the 30km far away Famara.

Flight to Lanzarote (Arrecife)

If you are lucky you can get a cheap flight ticket under 200 EUR for a round trip. Be aware that a ticket can be up to 500 EUR during  school holiday it. Depending on your destination you can fly with Ryan Air, Air Berlin (Fly Nicky) or Condor to Lanzarote. We suggest to check prices via Skyscanner or Swoodoo.

Rental cars

The costs for renting a car at the Arrecife airport on Lanazrote is round about 200 Euros for weeks. We recommend to have a look at the conditions for gasoline: Full/full is the cheapest option. There are some car rental companies which are offering a full/empty option. Due to the fact that you are asked to buy the gasoline from the rental company (which is often overpriced) and because of the size of the island, that might be a bad deal for you. However, you should take care of the car and return it without any sand and dirt, as this would also lead to extra costs for cleaning. We booked our rental car mainly via the German service with good experiences so far. But have a look at the gasoline options 🙂

Take a Cab from the Airport Arrecife to Famara

Taking a cab is the easiest and fastet option traveling to Famara. Costs are about 30 to 40 Euros for each direction. Take in consideration whether you don‘t  really need a car in Famara. Depending on where you are located in Famara, you would need to walk with your board and stuff several hundred meters to the beach. Also for some sightseeing a rental car is a great thing to have. If you are calculating the costs for a cab, the extra costs for a rental car a not as high as you may think.

Taking the bus to Famara

Bus stop in Famara with a view to the ocean

Taking a bus might be  the cheapest option. For just some bucks you can take the bus L20 from Arrecife to Caleta de Famara. There are also the bus connections L31 and L33 heading to Caleta de Famara, but these are departing from other cities. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between the airport and Famara, so you have to take two different buses: Taking the bus L22 from the airport to Arrecife main station and then taking the bus L20 to Famara might be a good choice.

We took some photos of the schedules of both bus stops in Famara:

Fahrplan der Haltestelle mitten in Famara

Schedule of the bus stop in the center of Famara