Restaurants & Bars


Unfortunatelly the picture doesn’t give you the proper picture of this perfect breakfast spot. You’ll get a fresh orange juice, a coffee and a fresh prepared french bread at aroud 5 EUR.

Restaurants in Famara

There are a few Restaurants in famara that will serve you a decent meal for keen prices. That’s what you need after a long and tough surfing day!

La Bartola

Every wednesday there’s pizza day in the Restaurant La Bartola. You get a fresh pizza out of the stone oven for 5 EUR. We can really recommend this place the pizza is very delicious.


2 min. away by foot from the city center and located in a side raod you can find the Restaurant Hamburgueseria. We recommend to taste octopus with mojo sauce and pappas arrugatas (canary iasland salt potatoes). We recommend aswell to taste the burgers especially the “super famara burger”.  Prices are keen, service is friendly and the food ist good.

El Risco

El Risco is probably the best fish restaurant in Lanzarote. From the back porch you have a nice view over the port and the sea. El Risco provides a perfect service. Therefore and beacause of the very good meals you need to bring a bit more money compared to the other Restaurants. But remember there is no competitor that can keep up with this restaurant. El Risco has been renovated in winter 2016. The new ambience is also a visit worth for people that have already been a guest.

La Sol

Restaurant La Sol is located directly on the shore a few meters next to El Risco. Prices are higher aswell.

La Posada

Next to the main road in Famara located in the city Center you can find the restaurand La Posada. We had some steaks and hamburgers and it was a good meal every time.

Casa Garcia

Directly at the entrance of Famara you’ll find between a supermarket and the bus station the Restaurant Casa Garcia. We gave it a try and it wasn’t our cup of tea. When our favourite waiter (Marco) changed from Clandestino’s to this location we gave it another shot. We just had a Pizza but it was good but not comparerable to those of La Bartola.

El Sibarita

El Sabarita serves vegan, vegetarian and asian food. It is located at the and of the main road in famara. Formerly it has been the Sunset Bar which closed after a few years in business. Das El Samarita provides a cosy ambience in which you can have a decent evening with good food and talk. Prices are keen, you get a main course for under 10 EUR. We recommend to order Crêpes for desert!

El Sabarita

Bars in Famara

In most of the Bars you get small to eat. Prices are normaly keen. More bars have opened since winter 2016.

Clandestino Bar

Clandestino Bar is closed and is going to be reconstructed. Unfortunatelly we don’t know yet what’s comming next. Some rumors say it’ll be a bar called Surf Attac. 😉

JMC Surfbar

JMC Surfbar is Kind of a hidden place in Famara. It’s located in the rear part of Famara between the main road and the port.

Sunset Bar

Sunset bar has been closed and reopend as restaurant El Sibarita.

Sunset Bar am Ortsausgang von Famara Sunset Bar in Famara