Surfing in Famara

Why visiting Caleta de Famara?

Caleta de Famara is called Hawaii of Europe. Anyway surfing in Famara is almost a secret tip for beginners to surf. Flights to Lanzarote are mostly cheap and a renatl car is easy to rent for under 200 EUR / 2 weeks. For an accomodation you can choose to spend few money (appr. 15€/night -multi bedroom in a surfing house) or a little more (flat or bungalow around 50€ – 80 € a night).

Surfing conditions in Famara

Mitten in der Bucht von Famara

In the middle of Famara Bay, view to north-west, on the left you can divine parts of the old famara village.

Playa de Famara  is the local beach in Caleta de Famara. The Beach is totaly untouched due to be situated in a nature reserve area. This is why you won’f find any restrooms, showers or shops and restaurants / bars at the beach.

The beach segues from beeing covered with small stones into a sand beach. In the oacen there is despite of small areas only sand. So you won’t get hurt if the wave was a little too big. 😉

Perfect for beginners: The beach proceeds flat into the oacen so there are perfect conditions to get far out. Instead of paddling out on the board you can walk. This saves you a lot of breath. Most of the time you have perfect smooth incomming wave sets which suits beginners best. For your security there are local life guards (incl. jet ski and a quad) at the beach.

Blick von der Mitte der Bucht Richtung Osten, knapp vorbei an der Bungalow-Anlage auf dem Hang

View east from the middle of the Famara beach to the big mountains and the island La Graciosa (left side).

We suggest to pack a warm hoodie or jacket to the beach because it can get very breezy at some days. It is reasonable to lay down your board downwind and weight it down with some sand on the nose of the board.

Surf-Pros can of course start surfing at famara beach but for not getting bored they should soon switch to La Santa. Surf schools offer surf safaris for heading to several different surf spots.

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