Surfing for beginners

If you are willing to learn to surf or you are a advanced surfer Playa de Famara surely is one of the best surfing spots in Europe.

Learning to surf in Famara, Lanzarote

Famara is located in the north of the canary island Lanzarote. It’s a 4 hours flight away from germany. For Europeans and Great Britans (;-P) who want to learn to surf it’s one of the perfect locations.

Journey to the surfers paradise

You can fly by plane for reasonable prices from the most airports in europe. Flight duration from Germany is about 4 hours. From the airport in Arrecife you can go by bus, taxi or rental car to the 30 km far Famara. Here are some tipps for your journey to Famara:

Staying in Famara

You can stay at the surfhouses of the surf schools for around 15 EUR / night or you go with airbnb / and search for an appartment. Our tipps for an accomodation in Famara.

The Waves

The beach of Famara is a so called beach break. Meaning that waves aren’t breaking at a reef (pointbreak) but on a sand beach. Depending on the hight of the waves they’ll break up to three times. That gives you the opportunitiy based on your surfing skill to find your wave to surf. Speaking of wave hight: Waves can be up to 3 meters high when they break the first time. With every reforming they are getting more little.

Leisuretime and more: Sport, Wellness and Sightseeing

Besides riding waves you can do some different activites in Famara:

  • Stand Up Paddling,
  • Kiting,
  • Skating,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Yoga ans much more.

After a good surfing day it’s a good advice to do some yoga. You’ll be able to join classes from 10 Euro per hour or you can have a massage starting at 30 Euro per hour. We have collected our experiences in terms of sport, wellness and sightseeing.